Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sandwich story

The sourdough mentioned below was proudly carried home. Plumbaby was playing with a lemon once indoors but when I held up the boule in its clear bag and said "Bread?", he flung the lemon down and scampered after me, with an alacrity not seen for some time. He dug in with gusto and even I had a piece later for lunch.

Well a piece with Sirena chilli tuna and rocket and dressing etc etc and it was very late in the afternoon at this point, so I really didn't feel up to eating dinner.

I told Figman when he came home that he was probably getting a sandwich for dinner and He Did Not Look Impressed. After I gave him a lecture on the Emancipation of Women, he asked whether some of the garfish from last night was still in the fridge. There was an entire tray left to be cooked and after the Plumbaby went to bed, this is what he had:

2 large slices of sourdough boule, toasted and buttered
Bowl of mixed salad leaves, seasoned and coated with Kyneton extra virgin olive oil and SJ organic balsamic vinegar
Heap of spicy plum mustard seed chutney

and a tray of garfish fillets, fried gently in olive oil and butter.

It looked sensational! Just a sandwich, indeed!


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