Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Oh how was the chocolate tart I hear you ask?

(The noise is desfening from over here by the way)

Well, it was solid and firm, a dense rich mousse that was obviously chocolate, eggs, cream and not much else. Gorgeous and almost over the top, in the way that chocolate can be sometimes.

That, however, was just the filling.

As I scooped down to the crust, I started to get chunky bits of nuts infiltrating my moussey bites. And the nuts were not good. They were very big and tasted like nuts mixed with butter and maybe a binder, but it was NOT GOOD. Not in my opinion anyway.

And trying to eat just mousse while avoiding the nuts, let's just say it was unlikely to happen. But hey - it was a good concept and the top 85% worked really well.

I see in today's Epicure that Phillippa's are offering tours of their bakery on Monday nights in July, August and October. I missed out on these when it was part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival earlier this year - I was put on the waiting list for a cancellation but it was obviously a very popular event.

On the other hand, what if I go to the bakery and see something that puts me off eating their bread forever? I am very fussy after all. not that you'd ever guess it.


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