Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve

Earlier this evening, Figman asked me to stop eating so many of what he calls "those stupid candy canes". Refusing to be chastened, I said "If I can't eat candy canes on Christmas Eve, when can I?"

The candy canes had been obtained after much stress, to make Peppermint Bark - an ambition long held after reading Heidi Swanson's post about it back in December 2003.

It is now after 11pm and I am beginning to doubt the wisdom of starting yet another of my insane holiday cooking projects at 9.30pm on Christmas Eve. What on earth possesses me? I should be listening to carols or meeting with friends or at the very least (and best perhaps) tucked up cosily in bed. Instead, I am waiting for the second layer of chocolate to harden so that I can slice up the Peppermint Bark (which is more botched than bark at this point).

Merry Christmas everyone!


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