Saturday, July 09, 2005

Packet Pasta

Oh that sounds dreadful, doesn't it?

It brings to mind the cheap Continental Tomato and Onion instant pasta I used to eat at uni - mix with milk and heat in the microwave. And I thought it was so yummy! I couldn't even guess when I last ate that. (But I must admit a secret hankering occasionally for instant noodles - especially when coated in some MSG laden flavouring sachet).

At the Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show in June, I selected many many things. I took three trips to the car to deposit my bags and even then I hesitated about whether to get more (always get more if you like it! always! always!). Despite the slightly stunned look on Figman's face as I continually brought YET MORE bags in, we have enjoyed eating our way through most of the delicious products - Doddle Creek Coriander and Chilli Mayonnaise (the best!), Dalhousie Garlic and Mint Jelly, Fudgeman Fudge in about fifty flavours and so forth.

Tonight I thought we'd have pizza from a local place - but changed my mind close to dinner time - too close really to buy ingredients for something else. So it was to the store cupboard and there wasn't a huge amount I wanted to cook. The cupboard is actually ridiculously full, but it just wasn't inspiring. AT all.

And at the back, I found a packet of porcini pasta and sauce which I'd picked up at the Motto stand. I don't remember the cost - but I think it was pretty pricey. the sauce was a mixed one - tomato, eggplant, mushrooms etc - their Four Seasons sauce.

The serve of each was for two - I think that they have a four person serve as well. When I ripped open the top of the pasta packet the aroma was incredible. I took it to Figman, who was feeding Plumbaby dinner, and said "this smells amazing but I don't think I'll like it when it's cooked". And I didn't.

The texture was great and it cooked very quickly but something in me just didn't respond to it. Maybe I'm just one of those people who don't like porcini - Quick! Call the Gourmet Police!!

The sauce was lovely though. And the Figman appreciated it all - all two serves of it.


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