Sunday, October 02, 2005

Pashmak - Persian Fairy Floss

Glutton Rabbit over at Pearl of the Orient wants to know what Persian Fairy Floss is like, so I thought I'd post a picture. It's not mine, I am sans camera at present, but taken from the Pariya website.

Pariya are, in their own words, purveyors of "exclusive persian produce that is unique, simple, elegant and delicious". I don't know about that, but their packaging, while not expensive looking, is distinctive in the Australian market (not an easy thing to do) and their website is simply stunning - take a look!

Theirs was the first pashmak I came across and for a couple of years I suspect it's been one of the few available here. But in my enthuisastic travels today, I found several brands, including mecca and the one I'd bought at the market - a repackaged vanilla floss which had been purchased in bulk and then repackaged in a simple plastic tub. The Pariya pashmak comes in a plastic pouch and is in one elegant clump of floss threads - it would be up to you to tease them out. Mine came in individual little clusters - about twice the size of a Baci chocolate and a similar shape.

Persian fairy floss, according to the label, is mostly sugar, flour and oil, but it has a curiously nutty taste. Less sticky than traditional candy fairy floss, it fascinated my guests T and J. J said that it reminded her of halva. It was quite the hit of the evening, utterly eclipsing my Chocolate Tofu Mousse!

I flicked through the order page on the Pariya site today and sighed over the Persian honey toffee. It looked gorgeous. And when I came across it at Leo's I didn't hestitate. Although perhaps I should have. When I opened the individual little packet, the scent was overwhelmingly of cardamon. Now I like cardamon, but only in very very small quantities. And this, while interesting, is a little too much for my tastes. But I couldn't resist. Again with the judging at first sight stuff. Hummm

Glutton Rabbit by the way, managed to make five vegan dishes. Looking at her list, it occurred to me that I am probably cooking vegan meals more often than I realise. I guess no one, apart from vegans, wants to think that they are actually eating vegan, it sounds so unappealing! But that was the point of this IMBB I suppose, to shake things up and challenge our ideas!

Note: I am allowed to say that vegan food sound unappealing, as I was a vegetarian for five years, he he he. A true vegetarian, none of this fish on Fridays or chicken stock in soup wavering round the edges business. But I never considered going vegan. Evah. And now? Pass the lamb cutlets please.


At 11:24 PM, Blogger glutton rabbit said...

Hi Plum, thanks for showing me what Persian Fairy Floss looks like and also for the little feature to my site. It's really nice of you.
I think I'll like the fairy floss. It looks real delicate, like something out of fairyland (no wonder the name).
Thanks again for sharing!

At 9:06 AM, Blogger Noted Chef said...

I made a dessert using the Rose Pashmak the other night for a dinner party. In the centre of the plate I place a medium size ball of good vanilla icecream with a slice of pistachio biscotti propped up along side it. I scattered coursely chopped pistachio and small cubes of rose turkish delight around the plate. Then placed some rose pashmak on top of the icecream ball.

At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Dana said...

ohhh finally i found out what this is called! i've always loved it =D

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