Saturday, October 08, 2005

23/5 Meme

Hey, it's my first meme! Barbara at winosandfoodies tagged me for this and it's a pretty simple.

Find your 23rd post and its fifth line and ponder the meaning. Now my 23rd post is this one, about some fresh Yarra Valley truffles and how they cost about the same as what the endodontist was threatening to extract from me (along with the inside of my tooth).

Now I have to admit that I do not like this post much. I mean, it doesn't fall into the realm of Great Posts I Have Known. In fact, I was tempted to remove it altogether and THEN my 23rd post would be about my secret desire to be a checkout chick instead. But I suppose I have to play fair. It's also an opportunity for me to point out that I was posing a question that was entirely theoretical. It should have in no way conveyed the impression that I in reality have $3000 to blow on (a) handbags (b) root canals (c) fresh truffles. If you asked my bank manager such a thing, it would probably take him several minutes to get up from the floor from where he had collapsed in a fit of laughter. Ahem.

I suppose this is also the place to make the confession that I have never eaten a fresh truffle. Ever. Unless you count dark chocolate with cream. And I'm pretty sure the Larousse gang wouldn't.

I have been thinking about who to tag for this meme and I simply haven't had the time to go and check people's sites to see if they've already been tagged or worse still have written a post about it and I haven't remembered!! So, when I get through my list of things to do, I shall, but in the meantime, if anybody'd like to be tagged, just post a comment. I was going to wait to publish this post until I had done said checking, but you know, you might be waiting a long time. Possibly almost another week. Which is a long time in blog world ....


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