Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lobster treat

Nigella Lawson has a real thing for cook's treats - the sweet succulent bit that the cook gets to devour greedily in the kitchen on her own. Before pasting a smile on her face, taking a deep breath and clasping the dish in both hands, going out to face the guests with what may or may not be a successful dinner.

Today at the Prahran markets (you see, I may live in the country but you can't keep me away!) I snapped up half a lobster. For five dollars. And I got to wondering, is there such a thing as a marketer's treat? An extra tasty morsel to be devoured in private, perhaps in the car, as a little reward for all those hours of traipsing up and down market aisles, prodding produce and querying vendors? All those bags hauled to the car, red onions spilling out across the seat before the door slams. For the time I put my hand in my shopping bag to grab my purse and inserted it into an overripe tomato? Hmmmmmn .....

For the record, I did share this one with the Figman. This being the operative word.


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