Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sweet Like Chocolate

Yes it does bring me joy.

It's an odd day which doesn't see me eating chocolate. Sometimes a piece of cake but usually just a handful of chocolate buttons. I have taken to only keeping a small amount in my chocolate drawer on the grounds that if it's not there, I can't eat it, but this sometimes backfires.

Like today. My stash of chocolate callets had run out and I had no real prospect of getting some more until tomorrow. So I went a hunting in the chocolate drawer and pulled out a block of Callebaut white chocolate. This had been there, quite safe, for some time, because I don't really like white chocolate. Not on its own. I quite like it in other things - a mousse topped with raspberry or passionfruit coulis, a triple chocolate stack or in chunks in a chocolate brownie. But by itself? Not likely.

But deprived and driven to desperation, I clawed open the packet and chopped up the block. I love the way chocolate shaves as it breaks, there is something beautiful in the way it falls. This was no exception and I happily scooped up a couple of pieces. After two I was sated, but I took one more, the Fateful Piece of Chocolate. Soon I wanted to swoon with sugar-induced sickness, to fall into the gutter, scattering chocolate crumbs as I went.

White chocolate is just too sweet for me. And on top of that, it's not really chocolate without the cocoa liquor. Somebody call the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for me.


At 7:46 AM, Anonymous Barbara said...

Yep that white chocolate - very moorish - very sickening.

At 1:53 AM, Anonymous joey said...

I'm with you...I find white chocolate much too sweet and mysteriously lacking the chocolate element that my tastebuds look for. For me, in tans and in chocolate, the darker the better.


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