Friday, July 15, 2005

Something Positive about Me apparently or Fish and Chickpea Soup if you Prefer it That Way

Today was a sleepy sort of stay-at-home day. We mooched about and carried out little household tasks, had visitors over to play with Plumbaby, but that was about it. In the afternoon, we all curled up for a pre-prandial sleep - all of us asleep during the day is a very rare thing.

By the time I got up, dinner was running a little off-track. I had some firm white rockling fillets from the market yesterday and I really had to use them up. I'd poked about in my cookbook collection and dug up a recipe from Soup for Fish and Chickpea Soup. This involved roasting red capsicums and tomatoes but I wanted something a little simpler that would use up the wilting celery in my fridge.

I threw some butter, diced onion, garlic and the aforementioned celery into a stockpot. I added tiny cauliflower florets, a tin of chickpeas and a tin of diced tomatoes and about 3/4 teaspoon of cumin. By this time, the Plumbaby was agitating for dinner and Figman was getting cranky about it not being ready. I still had to add water and the fish and at this point, threw in the towel and bubs was fed bread and yoghurt for dinner.

Figman was decidedly pissed off, when I plonked a steaming bowl of hot soup in front of him, piled high with pieces of white fish and chickpeas and vegetables. "Hmmmn", he said "You do have some positives".

The recipe was a bit more complicated than that, and it did require chopped basil, mint and parsley which I left out simply because I didn't have them on hand. I'll add them to the leftovers tomorrow. But every recipe I have tried from this book I've loved - except for the Chicken Tortilla Soup and really, I should have guessed that I don't like warm avocado. It's just wrong.


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