Saturday, August 13, 2005

Otway Pork Convert

I am not a pork girl. There, I've said it. Once, on a birthday, I arrived at a relative's house to find that "my favourite dinner" had been prepared in celebration. "Oh good" I ventured cautiously, trying not to look too alarmed as a large pork roast with crackling came out of the oven! I don't mind the occasional bit of bacon, but generally, I simply don't care for the taste of pork. This may be the fault of "new-fashioned pork", which is very lean and does not encourage the flavoursome fat.

But in our household, pork is generally reserved for the Figster, who would eat it every night if I let him. At the butcher's the other day, I noticed a cut of pork I hadn't seen before. It was a mid-loin chop, with the bone through it and a healthy dose of fat round the side. Quite large, about one and a half hands, it was the perfect meal for Figman. Or it would have been if it hadn't been quite so delicious.

An onion sliced and tossed in the pan with some olive oil. Then the pork chop, cooked on each side till white and brown. Some Warragul greens thrown in quickly to heat through and dinner was ready. His dinner. Which was so tasty I couldn't keep my fork out of it.

It was unbelievable. Remember, I Do Not Like Pork. Truly I do not. But this was delicious and I kept going back for "just one piece more". Figman was so charmed by the novelty of this event that he did not protest.

Otway Pork. What more can I say? According to their site, their "pigs are born outdoors. From birth, Otway Porkā„¢ pigs are free to play, forage and do what all pigs like to do best - socialise, sleep in straw, eat a healthy diet and drink fresh clean water freely." That must be what makes them taste so good!!


At 9:13 PM, Blogger Niki said...

I'm with you on the dry pork thing. Pork chops were my least favourite meat growing up, because they were always dry. Mum still was of the belief they needed to be cooked well-done to destroy any germs. Nowdays with modern butcher practices and an interest in cooking, I'm happy to cook my pork until a little pink and juicy in the middle. Still don't eat it nearly as much as lamb or beef though....I should do seomthing about that.


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