Thursday, August 11, 2005

East West Jam's Best

As mentioned, we have a firm preference in this household for the Laurent jam doughnut. Just how much of a preference I was about to find out ...

You know that you're becoming a food blogger when you got out to dinner and are not thinking of the exquisite food but instead the fact that you forgot your camera at home. And when I brought a bag of these doughnuts home, I experimented a little and then decided I would have to wait to get some decent shots. I had asked Figman how many dougnuts he wanted and he insisted that He Only Wanted One Jam Doughnut, Just One.

So imagine my reaction when I walked into the kitchen to find the plate of doughnuts that I Wanted to Photograph In Natural Light half-demolished. He, I regret to inform you, was not particularly sorry. He was only sorry that he was now stuck with the chocolate doughnut since I'd eaten the last jam half. I used to love the custard ones, but now, I am an Original Girl. East, West, Jam's Best.


At 7:52 AM, Anonymous Barbara said...

I'm adding Laurent to my list for my next visit to Sydney. The pastries look mouth watering

At 4:36 PM, Blogger Niki said...

I haven't tried the Laurent doughnuts yet. I'm trying to keep away from bakeries at the moment (too tempting!), but my mum often walks to the one near us for coffee and an almond croissant. I'll suggest to her to try a doughnut next time - she loves a good jam doughnut (especially the ones sold from the van at the Vic market - still hot and just rolled in sugar. Not the best quality, but perfect on a cold, windy day)

At 9:04 PM, Blogger plum said...

Hi Barbara - last year I bought four of their little chocolate concoctions as dessert at a dinner. We each had a quarter of each and they were incredibly, delightfully rich. The sort of rich creaminess that makes you think you couldn't possibly have another bite and then ten seconds later you are wondering "where is that spoon?"

Hi Niki - the hotness of a jam doughnut can be almost everything - when it's fresh and crisp it just tastes wo wonderful. I should try the Vic market again soon - it's just so big I feel a little overwhelmed there with all the crowds. I should go on a weekday. One of my favourite soup bases is sold there and I haven't had it in ages, so maybe next weekend. And then I can blog about it!


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