Thursday, December 06, 2007

In Which I Eat Some More Caramel Icecream

I read about someone visiting the Maggie Beer farmshop recently and writhed with jealousy when she mentioned tasting the Burnt Fig Jam Honeycomb and Caramel Icecream. I've bought plenty of Maggie's fruit pastes and verjuice, but presumed the icecream was only being sold in South Australia.

How wrong I was. It is on the shelves at Leo's, in upmarket delis, it can now be yours too! But only in small, small doses. This is not a mild, light ice dessert to gulp on a warm summer day. This is a full on, heavy, silky and rich cream confection, to be treasured in teaspoons. I love icecream, but after a couple of (dessert) spoonfuls, I had had enough. With no temptation to go back to the freezer for another scoop.

I think this would be fabulous with poached pears and makes a great dessert for a dinner where you require "oomph" without effort.