Thursday, January 10, 2008

Merry Little Christmas Redcurrant and Sultana Chocolate Clumps

Hope you had yourself a merry little Christmas. For once, there wasn't a middle of the night Christmas Eve post here. These are usually written after I've been up so late that it doesn't really matter if I spend another half hour on the computer after the wrapping of 70 rice paper rolls and 20 presents. And I've been so busy that I thought this post might slip away too.

But you see, these photos are from last Christmas. I made these chocolate clumps with fresh redcurrants a year ago and kept meaning to post them. But time went by as it does and they were so summery that I couldn't pop them up in winter. And I consoled myself by resolving to write about them this time. So even though the Christmas tree has been sawn up and put in the green waste bin a good week ago, I'm going to tell you about these now. (Our Christmas tree did not last particularly well, possibly as a result of being carried through the suburb on Figman's back. For kilometres, in 32C heat. We have a car, excellently fitted out for such things. But apparently, the needles on the upholstery make it worthwhile turning oneself into a packhorse and astounding our entire neighbourhood and assorted passerbys. Ahem.)

F was moaning about currants and how he wanted some fresh ones. So I scuttled through the packets and bought the nicest ones I could find at the local markets. Only to produce them and hear "Oh, I didn't mean those kind of currants". Oh indeed.

These are quite tart and not to my taste for adding to yoghurt. So they sat in the fridge, expensively declining. Until I had a mad craving for chocolate coated sultanas and made my own. The sultanas were beautiful organic ones from Mildura (I think?) and the chocolate came from my usual stash in the cupboard. A quick melt and mix and they were ready to be dropped on a tray for setting.

But they were so sweet. Almost overpoweringly sweet to me, who likes her chocolate on the less sugary side. And it came to me - add the currants. It was brilliance, the little beads burst as I bit into the clump, adding a sour hit to this every day confection. A touch of ground black pepper works wonders too.

I topped each one off with a redcurrant for looks alone, and hence, I think they are quite the Christmas treat. Texturally the fresh currants and dried sultanas contrast well under the chocolate coating, but I can't vouch for how it ages, they didn't last long here.

So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and here's hoping I post again before Easter. (I have too many ice cream posts to wait until next year!)