Friday, August 19, 2005

A Tale of Two New Food Magazines!

Strolling through the newsagent to pick up my secret vice, an English magazine (which shall not be named) I happened upon TWO Aussie food mags which I had never seen before!! Not one, but TWO!!

The first, was Hunter Gatherer, which describes itself as "the mail order magazine for food lovers". I was tempted by the "1000+ Gourmet Brands" listed on the cover, but if I'd stood and flicked a bit longer, I would have discovered that I am familiar with many of these brands already. If you live in the country, this would be a good resource, but with all that Melbourne has to offer, I'll hold on the mail order for now. (they also had a good offer on Wonderflex silicon bakeware)

The other magazine, I think will become a sure favourite with me. Now I have a fondness for a launch issue (I still have my original delicious and marie claire) and Regional Food Australia looked too intriguing to say no to. I almost did, because this issue featured King Island, and I thought "when am I ever going to get to King Island, lovely though the idea might be?". Well let me tell you, now I want to go NOW.

Regional Food is a bit different to most food magazines, there is a real sense of the small group of individuals running it. After an ad, the magazine opens with four double spreads of gorgeous photography - landscapes, black cows and swans, ageing cheeses and a crateful of crayfish. The style is quite different to much of that on the local food mag scene. I feel now that I can't wait to go try a crayfish pie from the King Island Bakery or buy eggs from David and Sandy Holloway.

I have kept many old issues of delicious which I have no intention of cooking from or ever re-reading, simply because they offer a guide to various places in Australia. I think that I can dig these out and ditch them now, because Regional Food is here to stay!


At 12:25 PM, Anonymous Barbara said...

Regional Food looks great. Thanks for the info. I've already ordered a subsciption to be delivered to my Mum in WA. You should ask them for commission!!

At 4:18 PM, Blogger plum said...

Oh Barbara, I hope she likes it! (I suddenly feel very resonsible for what I say here!!)

But I do like it - just reading it makes me feel like I am on holidays!

At 11:34 AM, Anonymous Barbara said...

I'm sure she will. She is under strict instructions to post it on to me after she, my sister and sister in law have all read it.


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