Thursday, October 20, 2005

Chocolate School

Yes, there is such a thing! Melbourne has its very own school dedicated to chocolate and patisserie in Brunswick East, maybe 10 minutes from the city centre. I had been wanting to do a course at Savour for ages, but for a variety of reasons (namely money and time), it hadn't happened. And when I saw that they were holding an open day last weekend, I hopped along quick smart, despite being a tad, shall we say, squiffy?, after the racing.

I was tired, the room grew rapidly hot with the number of people present and the door open, I was standing for a couple of hours, but it was worth it. We watched demonstrations of tempering, moulding, mixing of fillings. I saw techniques that I hadn't even dreamt of. I got to taste some of the delights and eat the best mango gelati I've ever tasted, fresh from the ice cream maker.

Many of their classes cater for professionals, particularly when guest lecturers arrive from overseas for a week of classes. But most of the people in the room watching on Sunday seemed to be interested home cooks - people who just loved chocolate really. There were plenty of kids and they got to step and help with stirring and moulding - one little boy got very enthusiastic and dipped his hand as well as the wrapped foam into the chocolate. The crowd roared with laughter and he looked a little embarrassed, but hey, he got to lick it off later, right?

I'm a convert now and can only drool over the list of classes, wondering which I can manage to do and which is the best? How do you compare Level One Chocolates and Pralines to a class specialising in traditional French truffles (which, if it has to be said, I adore). Hmmmmn. And, I found a new and slightly cheaper supplier for this chocolate. Not that I would ever buy any, no sirrreeeee!


At 1:45 PM, Blogger cin said...

I just checked the classes out and they look great! I wonder how much experience you have to have cost mine is definitely basic.

I can see you delighting in the creation of chocolates paired with with orange, strawberry etc :-p

At 2:24 PM, Blogger Niki said...

I can't tell you how many times I've been past that place and wanted to go in. My friend, Lucas, (the one who just went to Japan and set up his own food blog) used to live just a few doors from there. I remember looking at a price list once and feeling my stomach drop in disappointment at the costs. I wish I knew about the open day!

At 8:16 PM, Blogger plum said...

Hi Cin - there was the occasional person there who had attended classes but most were brand new beginners. I think Level 1 is definitely basic and it's where I'd start! They have for sale copies of a book by Jean-Pierre Wybauw, who just did a week of classes there. The book is very expensive ($173!) so I didn't even THINK about buying it and very much aimed at the professional - it is very technical. But they had a slightly chocolate smeared copy out on display and I had a quick look at a section where he talks about how certain flavours bring out the tones in others - suggesting raspberry with strawberry and pineapple was for something ... I can't remember. But that set me to thinking about even deeper mixes!!

Hi Niki - I'd checked out their site before but I'd have never known about the open day if it wasn't mentioned in the Age. Sorry, I'd have let you know if I thought you didn't! One thing I did take away (apart, ahem, from some chocolate) was that they are very friendly, down to earth and approachable. I won't have any qualms about ringing up with any question I have. And they sell all sorts of equipment and bits and bobs which come in handy for chocolate work. Dipping forks and those little pattern things on top of chocolates and all sorts of stuff!

At 2:21 AM, Blogger glutton rabbit said...

Plum, thanks for sharing about Savour. I've been interested in making chocolate recently... I wish I could attend a chocolate school too...


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